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Monday, December 30, 2013

Massage For Children: Even Younger Kids Get Stressed

Children's massage is not at all a new development, though it is not nearly as popular in the US as it is worldwide. In many traditional cultures, massage for children is commonplace and nearly ubiquitous, such as is the case in India. The most common reaction to the idea that Pediatric Massage helps children ease stress is the notion that kids live stress-free lives. Nothing is further from the truth, and those of us with good memory recall can remember just how stressful childhood was.

Even in a well-adjusted child, living in a caring family, there is opportunity for stress. As "grown-ups", we tend to patronize children, insisting that playing with Babies can't be quite so stressful, and "real" stress begins with having a job and family - real responsibilities! However, such an idea is actually insulting to kids' real experiences, as it is a well known fact among those studying child development that kids get stressed too.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Lymph Drainage Massage To Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Lymph drainage massage therapy is one of the most widely studied and accepted forms of massage therapy. It is often recommended by doctors to their patients to help boost their immunity, as well as for cancer patients to help reduce surgical scarring in their lymph nodes.
Mobile lymph drainage massage therapy is provided in the home, and usually requires several treatments for the entire body. In many cases, especially where lymphedema is involved, the part of the body that is affected by the edema will be focused on first.

Since it is a slow and gentle form of massage, it will feel very different from other types of massage therapy that the recipient may be familiar with. There is no deep pressure involved, and in fact the amount of pressure used is on the scale of two to four grams. There are scientific reasons for this low pressure, having to do with the lymph channels that are close to the skin. When too much pressure is used, lymph drainage massage does not serve to move the lymph correctly.

The way in which mobile lymph drainage massage aids in increasing immune function, effectively boosting the immunity, is that it opens the channels of lymph flow. This allows waste products to be effectively removed from the lymph system by emptying into the appropriate ducts, to be removed from the body. When the waste products are removed, the sluggish immune system will become less sluggish, and will be cleaner, thus more able to remove more waste from the system.

When lymph is allowed to stagnate, especially where there is lymphedema that is an indication of waste accumulation. Just as a car’s engine will not perform properly when there is waste in the system, so the human body does not perform properly when waste does not exit the system. Similar to an oil change, lymph drainage mobile massage can help to move the waste out of the body, creating a better internal environment.

This internal environment is then more able to handle the new toxins, bacteria, and viruses that never stop entering the body from the environment. A clean lymph system will be more able to fight infection as well, since the lymph nodes are the accumulation points where bacteria and viruses are trapped while the white blood cells work to neutralize and consume them.

Lymph drainage mobile massage is an excellent way to boost your immunity during this winter season. To learn more about lymph drainage mobile massage, or to book an appointment, please visit our website by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pre-Natal Massage: Preparing for the Rigors of Labor

Most women who have gone through the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth are familiar with the aches and pains that become a normal part of life afterward. For many women, for example, lower back pain starts during or after the birth of their first child. Neck and hip pain is also common during and after pregnancy.
This is why it is so important for women to have a pre-natal massage before they have given birth. Not only can it help reduce the aches and pains associated with the pregnancy, but it can also help to condition the mom-to-be for the rigorous activity that is childbirth. As the child is brought into the world, many muscles that have never been used are activated for the first time ever.

Uterine muscles, whose sole purpose is to birth a child, will suddenly become extremely active, as the new baby is pushed out of the womb. The activity is strenuous, as the muscles must contract forcefully enough to be successful in pushing the new baby into the world. This leads very often to fatigue in these very muscles, which most women have never noticed or knew they had. So there will now be new pains in places that were not ever an issue before.

Pre-natal massage can help to reduce some of this future pain, with gentle and careful abdominal massage, as well as other techniques. Some pre-natal massage therapists can assist with helping the mom-to-be relax the muscles in the pelvic floor region, thereby allowing the muscles of the uterus to be assisted and not have to push so hard. When the pelvic floor is relaxed, there will be less force needed to push the baby out. This is undoubtedly an overlooked benefit of pre-natal massage for new moms.

Other benefits include overall relaxation, reduction in some lower back pain and shoulder pain, as well as postural guidance by a pre-natal certified massage therapist.

If you would like more information on pre-natal massage therapy, please visit our website by clicking here.