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Monday, December 30, 2013

Massage For Children: Even Younger Kids Get Stressed

Children's massage is not at all a new development, though it is not nearly as popular in the US as it is worldwide. In many traditional cultures, massage for children is commonplace and nearly ubiquitous, such as is the case in India. The most common reaction to the idea that Pediatric Massage helps children ease stress is the notion that kids live stress-free lives. Nothing is further from the truth, and those of us with good memory recall can remember just how stressful childhood was.

Even in a well-adjusted child, living in a caring family, there is opportunity for stress. As "grown-ups", we tend to patronize children, insisting that playing with Babies can't be quite so stressful, and "real" stress begins with having a job and family - real responsibilities! However, such an idea is actually insulting to kids' real experiences, as it is a well known fact among those studying child development that kids get stressed too.

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