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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mobile Massage Therapy for Actors, Actresses, and Performing Artists

It is fairly well known that acting and performing is an extremely demanding career. For television and movie actors, 20 hour days on-screen or preparing between takes are the norm and not the exception for many. When it comes to the performing arts, the same actor may appear in a play three or more times in one night, with very little time for relaxation. For new actors, their lives consist mainly of going from audition to audition, with very little time for rest in between.

This is where I see the role of a mobile massage therapist as being very important. When such an actor or performer has only one hour to spare on a certain day, perhaps for a rare lunch break or just down-time, a mobile massage therapist can be called in to provide relaxation and relief from stress, tension, and anxiety.

For others performers and actors, their production company can hire a mobile massage therapist to be present for the duration of the work-day, where people can come in whenever they have a few minutes to spare for a short or longer session of massage therapy. When receiving a deep tissue massage, much of the soreness from constant performing can be worked out by the massage therapist.

Acting is a very demanding and also a very richly fulfilling career for many who have chosen this as their career path. For the most part, actors and performers of various types have said that there is nothing else that they would like to do with their lives. I believe it takes a great deal of courage, and I have a great deal of respect for those who have chosen to pursue this dream.

Perhaps you are a production company who would like to book massages for your overworked actors, or you are a Performing Arts Manager interested in having a day of massage therapy for your crew and performers, or perhaps you are an actor yourself looking for a way to de-stress and unwind in the little spare time you have. You can contact Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy by visiting our website, which can be found by clicking here. Licensed and experienced mobile massage therapists are on call seven days a week to visit you at your location and provide therapeutic deep tissue massage.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Couples Massage: A Wonderful Anniversary Surprise For Your Significant Other

Couples Massage At Home is always a great choice, bringing two people together in a shared experience of healing and relaxation. However, something even more special that we've witnessed are Couples Massage sessions couples shared on their anniversaries. Not everyone enjoys surprises, so unexpectedly finding massage therapists in the living room may be great for some, but not everyone. Consider whether your significant other would rather have an advanced warning that such goings on will occur. The idea is to lessen stress, not increase it!

Knowing your loved one as you do, you should know whether a surprise session of Couples Massage would be appreciated more than preparing and planning an Anniversary Couples Massage together. But if you know your loved one likes surprises, there's a lot that you can do. Some ideas we can share are what we've witnessed, from men and women who cared a lot about letting their spouses know that they really cared.

Candles are good. The more, the better. Be careful, though, as candles can spill and are a fire hazard. If you are placing candles on the floor, be sure there is enough room not to kick any over. A candle rolling over and setting fire to the curtain is not outside the realm of possibility, and while it may make good comic relief in a movie, it's not at all funny in real life.

Stick with the LED candles if you can, or keep real candles in a safe place, where they can't be kicked over or knocked over by the cat or dog. We bring our own LED candles to every Couples Massage session, but by all means, set up your own as well!

Rose petals are great. Roses in vases are a nice touch, adding beautiful atmosphere to any room. But some creative clients have also sprinkled rose petals on the floor of the room where the massages will take place. This really looks cool, especially when you mix different color roses.

Prepare a meal. (Or order takeout!) This always goes over well. A romantic evening beginning with a surprise Couples Massage, followed by a knock on the door for delivery of your loved one's favorite dish, from his favorite restaurant, really shows you care about making him feel loved. If you're more inclined to cook, make her favorite dish. If you imbibe, have a bottle of her favorite wine ready and waiting as well. Have everything pre-prepared so that after the massage you only need to heat everything up in the oven for ten minutes.

Follow it all up by some ice cream shakes or with a homemade cake. Depending on whether you want to leave the house or not, you could drive over to Carvel® or Baskin-Robbins® for freshly whipped up ice cream shakes. Or to the juice bar for some wheatgrass; it all depends on what you both are into. Couples Massage At Home is a great element of an amazingly memorable anniversary. The rest takes some time, effort, and real planning. If you think ahead, and consider your loved one's preferences and likes, you're sure to create an anniversary that is relaxing, fun, and unique.