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Friday, October 5, 2018

Robots Providing Massage Therapy? It Is In The Works, But Will It Ever Actually Work?

Car Assembly Line Robot
Robots, by definition, lack empathy.  Empathy is one of the key qualities of a good massage therapist.  So how can a robot provide massage that is actually effective and good?

The short answer is, they can't, and they will never be able to learn.  There are some things, such as massage, that a robot can never replace a human for.  Simple tasks such as bartending, equation solving, and car building, yes.  But truly human centered tasks, such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other modalities where intuition, touch, and true responsiveness are absolutely necessary, not so much.

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Food Labeling Laws Are In Need Of Change For The Benefit Of Consumers: Not All Oils Are Equal

Food labeling laws allow manufacturers of processed foods to not specify what ingredients are actually in their product.  By allowing and/or syntax, and replacing expensive oils with cheaper ones at the whim of the company, this in fact disadvantages consumers.  All oils are different, and some oils have higher saturated fats than others, and also contain different levels of omega fatty acids.  So where one oil, such as sunflower, is high in omega-6, it may be substituted with canola oil (which is generally cheaper), which has a higher omega-9 fatty acid content, and very little omega-6.  Yet, they can both be listed on the label, with no change to the Nutrition Facts label, which would be rendered inaccurate by such a substitution.

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