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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Couples Massage - Treat Low Back Pain and Get Discounted Rates

In the title, I state the obvious and most well known of the benefits of massage therapy: relief of low back pain. There are many other benefits to massage that are perhaps less well know, but no less extreme. One of the most obvious benefits to persons receiving couples massage is the fact that a massage for couples usually comes at a discounted rate. So instead of two people paying full price for massage, a couple can generally expect to receive a discount of between 10 and 30% just for booking together. There are many couples I know who have lots of aches and pains. Sometimes they are parents; sometimes they are not. When they are parents, a lot of their stress is in their shoulders and arms from picking up their children, and they also tend to have a lot of lower back pain as well, especially new mothers. Those who do not have children often have stressed and hectic lives, where they basically live at their job, seeing their spouse for a few minutes in the morning and perhaps for a couple of hours at night. The time spent together at night, though, is often spent in silence (or they may even fall asleep on the couch while in each other's company). Much of their stress is in their neck and shoulders, and sometimes in their hands and wrists from using the computer all day long. Couples who have older children usually both have jobs, and in addition, they are taking their kids to soccer practice, karate, dance, gymnastics, and other after school activities. Then they also have to plan birthday parties, drop off and pick up their kids from other kids' birthday parties, etc, etc. Such hectic lives that people lead today are actually the norm and not the exception as they once were. Now, think for a moment about your last session of massage therapy. Unlike other holistic health care modalities, massage allows you to relax for a full hour minimum. No interruptions, the kids are with a babysitter if you have children, and you can just relax. Nothing to worry about, nothing to do. Other healthcare modalities are helpful in their own right, but are generally quick and over before you know it. With massage, that is not the case. Candles gently light the room, soothing music helps you to de-stress and unwind, and all of the tensions are gently relaxed away from the body. Aside from simple relaxation, massage has been shown to help alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety, ease depression symptoms, and even help with ADD/ADHD, diabetes, and high blood pressure. All the more reason to get a couples massage for yourself and your spouse. What better way to show that you care than to help your spouse to be free from stress and tension, among other things. Couples massage can be an excellent way to do just that, and perhaps it could be a great idea for your next special occasion (or you can make massage the occasion and surprise your spouse for no reason at all). For more information about couples massage services, or to book, please visit our website at