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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Latest Mobile Massage Blog Posts

For those interested in learning how simple lifestyle changes made outside the massage therapy session can help to enhance and increase the benefits of the massage therapy session, please check out our website's blog.

Discussion about diet, exercise, and balancing your time between work and play are discussed, along with other suggestions about how to get the most out of using massage therapy in your life.

By using mobile massage therapy instead of making a trip to the spa, individuals can significantly increase the number of massages they actually book, as opposed to simply wishing there was more time to visit the spa. Most everyone can find an extra hour in their day to have a massage at their home, while far fewer can devote two to three hours to pursuing a therapeutic massage at a spa.

Our site's blog offers information for those seeking to be healthier in their day to day lives, integrating massage, diet, exercise, and other possible lifestyle choices.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mobile Massage RSS Feed From Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy

We have created a brand new RSS Feed for our website at This feed covers all of the topics on our website. Our RSS Feed is an easy way to link to various pages on our site. You can find our RSS feed at the following URL:, or through feedburner by clicking here. Here, you can view our mobile massage page, detailing the mobile massage services available in NJ and NYC. You can also view our At Home Massage Blog feed, which contains interesting articles about massage at home, as well as massage and society and other topics.

You can also link to the Massage Benefits section of our website through the Massage and Health link on our RSS feed. New benefits pages are being added all the time. You can visit the Massage Studies section, which contains abstracts on studies in medical literature about the health benefits of massage. Quackery in massage and various conditions are also explored in this section.

Through our RSS feed, you can visit the Massage Specials section of our site, where we detail various special discounts you can receive when you purchase specific items on our site, such as mobile massage at home, hotel massage, or a massage party or kids spa party.

You can link directly to the Kids Spa Party page on our website through the RSS feed page. This section details the services provided in our kids spa parties, which are a mobile service. The treatments that are available, the crafts, additional items, and the benefits to the children participating are all explored in detail.

Our RSS feed was crafted to make the experience of exploring our site easier for our users. You can navigate to several sections of our site through the RSS feed, and explore various site topics.