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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Mobile Massage Done in a Van (Like Those Dog Groomers), or Is it a Mobile Phone App or Something?

Mobile Massage is not quite an established cultural institution. In fact, the terms is quite new, and may have been an attempt by Massage Therapists to separate themselves from ‘outcall' services offering something quite different than Therapeutic Massage.

Sure; there have always been massage therapists who work at others' homes, but it was usually through family and friends, and friends of family, and friends of friends, and their friends as well. Mobile Massage was a business that required Massage Therapists to gain an established following of acquaintances, slowly over time, through networking.

Then came the Internet. Mobile Massage with an online presence seems to have first started in the Central and Northern New Jersey regions, Mountainside On Site massage Therapy being among the first pioneers. Web sites began appearing, at first very slowly, until now there are dozens of new Mobile Massage companies every month. Most are gone as quickly as they appear. Unfortunately, many do not succeed.

Not having a bricks-and-mortar Day Spa at first seems cost-free, and that's what makes the business seem very appealing to recent Massage School graduates. But advertising, marketing, human resources for hiring, and many other hidden costs quickly add up.

In 99.9% of the Mobile Massage Services out there, no van or specially-equipped vehicle with an on- board massage table is involved. The session takes places in the client's own home, using the therapist's own portable massage table. Massage Therapists at Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy pull up to your house in their own unassuming vehicles, not a company car emblazoned with dozens of silly ads in vulgar colors broadcasting to all your neighbors that it's relaxation time!

Our therapists also wear scrubs, as is appropriate for any health care provider. If we had to mention it, it's because there are, in fact, companies out there whose employees dress in jeans, and drive cars that are little more than mobile billboards for their massage company. We feel all of this is in very poor taste, and does little to bring respect to the institution of Therapeutic Massage.

Sometimes Mobile Massage Therapists work at social celebrations such as Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, or birthday parties. Corporate Chair massage for employees is another specialty that such therapists specialize in, providing therapeutic massage to workers and executives of companies, both in office and physical plants.

Only a few prospective clients have ever raised this question about working out of a van, but it is a good one. Mobile often refers to something pertaining to a Cell Phone, pr even a truck-based business such as a Mobile Dog Groomer or a Mobile Food Cart. This is all very confusing, so if you're among those who were confused as to what Mobile massage really meant, there is good reason.

Mobile Massage is synonymous with ‘On Site Massage', ‘Massage at Home', ‘Event Massage', or even ‘Corporate Chair massage'. These terms all refer to the same thing. Not a van that pulls up that you get inside of a session of massage therapy. Nor an app for your Mobile Phone that Massages you wit the vibrate function, though such an app probably does exist.

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