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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Post Natal Massage For Healthy Mother and Baby Bonding

Post natal massage therapy has been recognized as an essential part of post-partum care in cultures around the world. In India, the mother and baby are secluded for a period of 40 days, with the mother receiving massage therapy and giving her baby regular massages throughout the day.
Oxytocin is a hormone that has been shown to facilitate the bonding between a mother and her baby, in addition to the widely known effects of increasing breast milk production and making feeding easier for the infant. A recent controlled clinical trial performed at UCLA determined that massage therapy, in contrast to a control group, was able to increase levels of oxytocin in a person’s bloodstream.

This is great news for first time mothers especially, but also for all mothers in general. Very often, first time mothers have a hard time producing enough milk for their infant, and are forced to seek out formula rather than underfeed. Since this hormone is known for increasing milk production, it makes perfect sense that other cultures have appreciated the effects of post-partum massage therapy.

An article published on strongly suggests infant massage by their mothers are further facilitating the bonding between the mother and baby. Simple infant massage techniques can be taught to new mothers by massage therapists or by books readily available online and in bookstores. Massage therapy’s stimulation of oxytocin production in the infant and the new mother has also been shown to help the new mother and baby bond.
For more information about post-natal massage and how it can benefit you and your baby, please visit our post-partum massage page by clicking here.

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