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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Natal Massage to Address Common Complaints Following Pregnancy

Post Natal Massage is recognized as beneficial in many cultures around the world. In countries such as India and China, post natal massage is a normal part of after birth adjunctive medical care. Most women who live in India have two or more massage therapy sessions a week for several weeks after the birth of their baby. The reasons for this are two fold.
First, there are many areas of tension and soreness that were caused by carrying the baby, and then by pushing during labor. Muscles that are most affected by the pushing include the quadratus lumborum, which is on the side of the body, and the lower abdominal muscles. The muscles of the lower back and hips are also affected, although they are primarily made sore by the pregnancy itself.

Post natal massage therapy is quite effective in addressing these common concerns after pregnancy, especially the very common muscle soreness that develops during pregnancy and labor. Other areas of tension and soreness that are often present are in the hip area, especially the gluteus maximus, minimus, and piriformis muscles. Piriformis syndrome can also develop after delivery as well as before, and can be addressed by deep tissue post natal massage.

Another common complaint for post natal women are the issues that occur from nursing. When nursing, the new mother holds her newborn up on one side of the body, and cranes her neck to see her baby to assist with bonding. This position causes tension in the side of the neck and in the shoulder area, especially the top of the shoulders such as the trapezius.

Post natal massage therapy is very effective in addressing all of these muscular related tensions and other issues caused by pregnancy, labor, and nursing. It is most beneficial to find a therapist certified in pre and post natal massage, since there are a number of issues specific to pregnancy that continue for several months after the baby is delivered. If a massage therapist is not experienced in post natal massage, they can unintentionally cause harm to the new mother.
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