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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas For Couples

While couples massage is a great idea for Valentine's day, there are lots of other ideas for things you can also do that are both romantic and fun. There is a great article on where they surveyed their readers for their most romantic Valentine's day gift ideas. Rather than flowers and chocolates, their readers had some excellent ideas, some of which will be shared in this blog. You can read more at their article, linked to by clicking here.

My favorite romantic Valentine's Day idea that their readers suggested was to take the day off for both you and your spouse (with her bosses' permission, of course!), and have a romantic lunch, relax with spa treatments (or a couples massage at home), and then make her a special romantic dinner. The person who suggested this made the special dinner while his wife received a spa treatment and a tanning session.

Another excellent idea for Valentine's Day was to create either a book handwritten with all the reasons why you love your spouse, and all the things you love about them, or to write the reasons why you love your spouse on cards, and insert them into the pages of a photo album. Both of these are great ways to show someone you love them, although the second option might be a little easier and less time intensive.

Another reader suggested making a romantic breakfast for your loved one, where you make items that can be shaped into words, flowers, or hearts, such as a heart shaped tart or string beans that spell out I Love You. One of the cutest ideas was to have dinner or lunch at a restaurant where you went when you were first together. This is a great idea, especially if you haven't gone to that restaurant in a while. Another person suggested making dinner together at home while listening to romantic music.

Some of the best Valentine's ideas were finding ways to show the person you love how much you care. While having a couples' massage with your loved one is a great way to show you care, it can also be paired with creating lists of all the reasons you love them, or creating the photo album gift, writing them a note listing 14 or more ways why you love them and placing it next to a special breakfast meal, or writing the reasons for your love in a book, which you deliver with a dozen roses or beautiful chocolates. Of course, Russell Stovers candies (click here) are always romantic, and Hersheys (click here) has some great romantic candy available for Valentine's Day.

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