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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pre-Natal Massage As A Preparation For Labor

In today’s society, many women and men have very tight hips and thighs, especially their inner thighs and pelvic floor area. When a woman becomes pregnant, having a relaxed and loose pelvis, hip, and thigh area is very important because that is the area where the baby will be trying to push through during birth. If this area is tight, that can cause tearing in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can lead to long term problems later in life, especially incontinence and painful urination.
The tearing that this can cause can be either forward or back from the birth canal, so it can affect either the urethra or the cecum of the colon. Since scientific studies have shown that a natural birth is healthier that a cesarean section for both the mother and child, having a natural birth is desirable. Since a pre-natal massage can help with the issues discussed above, the healthier and more desirable natural birth can be accomplished with minimal or no tearing of the pelvic floor muscles, and consequently fewer problems later in life.

Certified pre-natal massage therapists have been trained in methods that can be used to loosen the muscles of the pelvic floor in preparation for birth, and in conjunction with pre-natal yoga, can be very helpful in preventing tearing during birth. Massage of the pelvic floor muscles that are attached to the sit bones, as well as abdominal massage, and massage of the inguinal ligament, can help the pregnant woman in her preparation for a healthy birth as the natural follow up to a healthy pregnancy. Pre-natal yoga can help as well to extend the beneficial effects of the pre-natal massage therapy, by keeping the loosened muscles loose.

Because of these additional benefits that are offered by certified pre-natal massage therapists, it is very important that the massage therapist chosen is certified in pre- and post-natal massage. For more information about pre and post natal massage therapy, or to book an appointment, please click here.

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