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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mobile Massage for Frequent Drivers Suffering Negative Effects

In our fast paced society, there are many among us whose careers make them into frequent drivers. Traveling salespersons, delivery drivers, car service drivers, limousine operators, and others can all benefit from sessions of mobile massage therapy.

As persons who frequently drive are all too aware, there are many problems that can be caused by frequent driving. Most often, driving on a regular basis leads to nerve impingement. The nerves most frequently affected are the ulnar nerve or the radial nerve. The difficulty with this type of nerve impingement is that it is very often difficult to pinpoint the source of the pain or to associate it with the activity which is actually causing it.

For example, sufferers of almost all types of arm nerve impingement will suffer from occasional or chronic numbness and tingling in the extremities, most often in the fingers. In this way, this type of impingement can actually quite closely resemble or mimic the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, often times this nerve impingement will cause pain in the elbows or the neck, without numbness or tingling, making it appear to be just general neck pain or pain in the elbow.

Consequently, the person suffering will not know what is causing it, or what can help it. Massage therapy is one of the very best treatments for nerve impingement in the arms, since massage relaxes the muscles surrounding the nerve that is affected, and can also in many cases help to calm the nerve itself. Since the nerve is generally being impinged by one or more of the muscles surrounding it, massage to the surrounding tissues is often a very effective way to reduce this condition.

Mobile massage is excellent for people suffering from these types of conditions, whether ulnar nerve impingement, radial nerve impingement, or even carpal tunnel syndrome proper (these conditions can often be confused). Many individuals who are traveling salespersons, delivery drivers, or car service or limousine operators have very little downtime. They simply do not have the time in their lives to visit a spa. Many of them work from morning until night, and when they arrive home they are so exhausted that they simply go to sleep. All of this to begin the same process the next day.

Since mobile massage is performed in the client's own home, this type of service is perfect for individuals with such busy lives as described before. Additionally, the best type of treatment for nerve impingement is regular massage therapy so that the problem can be remedied. Since the pain is an indication of a problem, and the problem will often get worse if it is left untreated, it is best for massage therapy to begin as soon as possible after feelings of pain, numbness, and tingling begin. Pain is also one of the last indicators to appear, whereas the numbness and tingling will appear first to try to alert the individual that something should be done.

If you would like more information about mobile massage therapy, or to book an appointment, you can visit our website by clicking here. Our skilled and experienced massage therapists will travel to you location to provide sessions of relaxing, pain relieving massage therapy. More than just symptom relief, nerve impingement responds very well to long term massage therapy, and much of the pain that you are experiencing can be helped by massage.