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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Three Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Health-Conscious Friends and Family Members

While the holidays are traditionally the time we all think of gift-giving, the quest for the perfect gift comes up many times a year.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, office celebrations, and many other holidays celebrated by various cultures, many of which include the giving of gifts, come up throughout the year.  This handy list of five gift ideas may find usefulness at any time you are stumped for a gift idea for your friend or family.  Gift certificates are often the go-to choice for gift giving, but not every gift certificate is appropriate for everyone.  Here is a short list of gift certificates that will suit everyone on your list, and they are easy to get and easy to give, and are nearly always well-received. 

The first gift idea on this list is a massage gift certificate.  There are very few people who don’t love a session of massage therapy.  Massage means relaxation; it means calmness; it means the ability to take a break from one’s hectic and crazy schedule.  Add to these benefits the extra benefit brought about by a gift certificate for a massage in the home, and it becomes the ultimate soothing gift, most loved by those you care about the most. 

Massage gift certificates are easy to buy, and are just a click away.  Easily purchase a gift certificate online, and you can choose to have it printed and mailed, or emailed to you or the recipient for printing at home.  Then you loved one simply calls or goes online to book their session, and the massage therapist comes to their home to provide the massage. 

A second gift idea for the health conscious individual is a set of yoga classes.  If your loved one already takes yoga classes, you can either buy a group of classes at their studio, or give them a set from a new yoga studio, perhaps your favorite one.  If they love yoga, they may like your teacher better than their teacher, and will appreciate the opportunity to try a new class at a new studio.  Or, if they are particularly fond of their teacher, be sure to contact them to arrange the gift. 

A third gift, which is also specific to the health conscious individual, is a gym membership.  As before, if they have a preferred gym, be sure to get the certificate there so that they don’t have to change gyms to use your gift.  Perhaps there is a new aerobics class they have been wanting to try, in which case you can get them a gift certificate for aerobics classes at their favorite gym. 

Of course, my favorite gift from this list would be the Massage Gift Certificate.  An hour or more of relaxation, watching my stress melt away during the session, is the ultimate gift for me.  And it is probably the best gift for many of your loved ones.  So that may be your first choice for a gift idea for your sister, brother, best friend, mother, father, and anyone other special person in your life.  You can be sure it will be appreciated, and it may even lead them into a healthy habit of getting regularly scheduled massages at home, easily and conveniently booked.  Everyone can benefit from a massage, and your friends and family will love the chance to get one for themselves. 

I hope this short list is helpful the next time you are stumped for ideas for the loved ones in your life.  Health conscious or not, they are sure to appreciate these gifts.