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Monday, August 19, 2013

Couples Massage: When Is the Best Time To Schedule a Session?

This topic, often overlooked, is something that should be addressed. Couples Massage may be scheduled based on one rule: Both parties to have the massage must be around! That's really it! Even so, trying to find a block of one hour or 90 minutes for both persons in a relationship can be hard work, in and of itself.

So, supposing both of you have a free hour or two on Tuesday evening around 10 PM. Is that too late? Definitely not! We do travel to New York City and New Jersey during that time. And it's a good time to have a session, because you will have had dinner hours ago, and can just relax and let the day's stress diminish.

What about a Friday morning? Why not?! It's really wonderful to have a massage early in the morning, just after showering. Contrary to the notion that you'll be tired the entire day, most people feel energized and awake. It's like dealing with the daily tension before it even gets a chance to begin accumulating. Mornings, in general, make a good time for a Couples Massage session.

That leaves us with afternoons. Is this a good time as well? Yes; and no. Firstly, most people naturally get sleepy during the afternoon. That's just how our biorhythms work, in most cases. So it's a lot more likely that you'll fall asleep, even more so than an evening session.

Falling asleep during a Couples Massage session may not be what you want. Some people wish to stay as conscious as possible to savor every moment with their loved one. But for couples who do not mind an unexpected nap together, an afternoon of Couples Massage can be perfect. If your loved one is the type to feel upset about such things, this is not the best time for you! Avoid a trifle and schedule at another time.

Lastly, that leaves us with late nights. Do we even travel that late? Usually, we stop at 11 PM. That's our latest session. But we can go later, for an extra charge. Late night Couples Massage at home can be the most "cosmic", clients report. Few find that they fall asleep, but rather enter a dreamy, less-solid waking state. Maybe this is the best time to experience cathartic Couples Massage sessions with your loved one? Could be.

In summary, we must conclude that every time during the day offers a different benefit, in terms of when to schedule a Couples Massage session at your home. Get massages when you can. Try different time slots, if possible. See how you and your partner like the effect of different times. You may find that morning Couples Massage sessions energize, just as we stated, and then decide to continue exploring the effect that the time of day has on the outcome, as well as moment-to-moment experience, of a Couples Massage session.

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